The following is an archive of talks I've presented.

How to (Holiday) Hack It: Tips for Crushing CTFs & Pwning Pentests

KringleCon (SANS Holiday Hack), December 2019

Slides: PDF

Video: KringleCon (Youtube)

Future Forests: Realistic Strategies for AD Security & Red Forest Architecture

RSA Conference, March 2019

Slides: RSA Slides

Video: RSA (Youtube)

How the Grinch Stole Admin!: Sneaking Secrets from SMB Shares

KringleCon (SANS Holiday Hack), December 2018

Slides: PDF

Video: KringleCon (Youtube)

Voyages of the Security-Driven Enterprise

OWASP Boston AppSec Conference (BASC), October 2018

Slides: PDF

Description: OWASP BASC

Signal Safari: Investigating RF Controls with the RTL-SDR

BSides NYC, January 2018

Slides:  MWR Labs

Video: Internet Society (Livestream)

SANS HackFest, November 2017

Slides: SANS Archive

Video: SANS (Youtube)

SMTP Security & History

LayerOne, May 2017

Slides: PDF

Video: Layer One (Youtube)


Writing of note that may be useful to others.

Penetration Testing

Building a Pentesting Skillset: Medium

Active Directory

Improving AD on the Road to ESAE: MWR, Our Thinking